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Diocesan News February 2023

Exciting times ahead for Mothers’ Union this year as we look to simplify structures and concentrate on growing our membership so that we can continue to put our faith in action and support young families, the homeless, refugees and those on the edges of society. We are taking steps to engage more fully with members of the Clergy in the Diocese and with Bristol Cathedral. Mothers’ Union support all the marks of mission and are integral to the task of ‘Making Jesus Visible’ If you are a Clergy member and are not yet an MU supporter, please find out more.

We are delighted that we are once more able to support parents with children in the Children’s

Hospital as the ‘Friends for Parents’ can be a presence on the wards again, in addition to our gifts of tea and coffee for the parent’s rooms which have been consistent throughout the last few years. We have extended our welcoming of visitors to prisoners at Ashfield Prison to Sunday afternoons as well as Saturdays. Visitors report how grateful they are to see a friendly face at this stressful time for families and friends. We are growing connections with Children’s Centres in several Bristol regions. We have been happy to help to provide items for a new born baby girl, born to one of our local Ukrainian guests. We have a growing online presence here on our website and Facebook page.

I hope this provides a snapshot of some of our ongoing projects. We are looking forward to

launching a new ‘Online group’ for young (or not so young) members soon, with a focus on mutual support, prayer, campaigning and caring for the environment. Watch this space!

Various categories of membership and supporter exist to suit different lifestyles. Going to Branch

meetings is not a requirement! To find out more on this website click here, you can visit our Facebook page, pick up a leaflet or talk to me!

Jacky Fredrickson

MU President Bristol

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