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Anti Conversion Law In Karnataka


CONVERSION LAW that criminalises religious conversions solicited through

force, fraud or allurement.

The law, known formally as the Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Bill,

was passed by the state legislature’s upper house on 15 th September 2022.

The passing of this law makes permanent the provision of a temporary anti-

conversion ordinance announced in May 2022.

The law carries a punishment of five years’ imprisonment and a minimum fine of

25,000 rupees (£275) for those who solicit religious conversions using “force,

undue influence, coercion, allurement or by any fraudulent means” or “by a

promise of marriage”.

An attempt to convert a minor, a woman, or a person belonging to the Scheduled

Castes (those viewed as having the lowest status according to the Hindu caste

system) is punishable with a maximum of ten years in prison and a fine of

50,000 rupees (£550).

Anyone who wishes to change religion must inform the authorities of the

reasons for their conversion 30 days before making the change.

Opposition parties and Christian Leaders argued that the bill violates Article 25

of the Indian constitution, which guarantees freedom of religion.

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