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Prayer for Mary Sumner Day 2023

God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, who sent Your Son into this world to be our saviour and

redeemer, we offer this prayer in His name. We give you Thanks O Lord for the Mothers’ Union, especially this day for our founder, Mary Sumner, whom we remember and commemorate today.

As Mary Mother of Jesus gave birth to Your Son, whose teaching would span the world, Mary Sumner gave birth to more than her own son and daughters, also to the Mothers’ Union spreading not just Your word but practical aid in Your name.

Mary fostered mutual support amongst mothers of her community. Strengthen and guide all those who follow her example today, weather or not they are MU members, providing mutual support to one-another and helping those in need, of any faith or none.

Father, as we are each a part of Your spiritual family, Mary brought practical, emotional and spiritual support to mothers and families of all social groups. Bless the MU today as it upholds this legacy.

The women and men of the MU help in areas of conflict and poverty. They aid literacy and numeracy, so that the impoverished can improve their situations not only through direct aid but by education. Bless the Mothers’ Union as its members seek to touch lives everywhere for You as Mary Sumner did generations ago, more than a lifetime for us, perhaps just a heartbeat for You, our Father.

Jesus tells us of the mustard seed, that grows into a tree. We thank you Lord for tending the seeds of faith that Mary Sumner planted. By Your grace that tiny seed, planted in a village in Hampshire has been nurtured by generations of gardeners, grown strong roots and it’s seeds carried throughout the world to be sown far afield. We pray those who continue to tend and nourish those seeds as they grow and by Your grace, thrive.

Father God, the Mothers Union has been called the church’s secret weapon. We pray that You will give Your soldiers the armament of compassion, the strength of Your word and the protection of shield that cannot be breached, prayer in the name of Your Son.

We ask for Your blessing on the church and all it’s affiliate organisations. We pray for its leaders globally, nationally and locally and for each MU diocesan and branch leader.

The Mothers’ Union was begun with hope for the future. Oh Lord, help us to keep that hope alive in ourselves and bring hope to families who feel they are in hopeless or dangerous situations and places.

Healer and comforter, although we must never forget that true healing comes only from you, let us remember the men and women, like those of the Mothers’, Union who bring comfort and support in Your name wherever You send them.

Father we ask for the healing power of Your love, the comfort of Your grace and the strength of Your Holy Spirit for those known and unknown to us who are in need of your touch through our compassion.

Loving Lord, We thank you for your love so freely given.


The Mary Sumner Prayer

All this day, O Lord,

let me touch as many lives as possible for thee;

and every life I touch,

do thou by thy spirit quicken,

whether through the word I speak,

the prayer I breathe,

or the life I live.


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