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Mothers’ Union cares for families in many different circumstances. Families who find

themselves with a family member or friend in prison can suffer being ostracised by

association. Visiting a friend or family member in prison can be daunting.

Supported by the Prison Chaplain, Mothers’ Union in the Bristol Diocese are involved in a

project to welcome visitors to HMP Ashfield on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We offer a

friendly face, a coffee, tea and biscuits and the opportunity to chat if required. Many visitors

have travelled long distances and are very grateful for our welcome.

In addition to welcoming , specially designed and made Easter cards and Christmas cards are

delivered to all prisoners at Ashfield, and a number of blank cards for prisoners to send out

are also included.

October 8 th -14 th is Prisons Week and we are asked to pray for Prison Chaplains, Educators in

prisons, family members of prisoners, and those who work in prisons and we ask for God’s

blessing on all Mothers’ Union prison initiatives, especially here at Ashfield. We pray for

men and women in prison and those in young offenders institutions. Help us to remember,

Loving Lord, that they are all your children and pray that they may be given opportunities

for rehabilitation and assistance to rebuild their lives.

Deuteronomy 31:8 ‘The Lord…will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid, do not

be discouraged.’ May these words encourage all people who have faith and are in prison,

and may they have access to the word of God. Amen

Jacky Fredrickson MU Diocesan President Bristol

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