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Against Domestic Abuse

16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence and Domestic Abuse starts this month. 25th November is the international Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and the start of the 16 days AND the GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION against Domestic Abuse.

Domestic Abuse takes many forms, it can be subtle and is nearly always hidden from view. Mothers’ Union believes that it should not remain hidden and that we speak up and

campaign against this, so that all can live in peace, in harmony with one another and in safety. This year Mothers’ Union have launched a new campaign: RISE UP against Domestic Abuse. It has the backing and support of The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell who was present at the launch. Churches are being encouraged to participate to work towards a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award in this area, by regularly praying for victims, survivors and perpetrators, for putting up help posters in all buildings, toilets etc and by supporting local

places of refuge and support. Watch out for purple and white doves, purple ribbons, and

posters. Visit the central Mothers’ Union website to find out more and download resources-

anyone can get involved! Click to visit the Mothers' Union Domestic Abuse Campaign. Watch out for more info!

A Prayer for RISE UP

God of justice, peace and compassion, Heavenly Father, Creator, and sustainer of all.

We thank you that you gave yourself, your own Son, to give every person the opportunity to

turn from darkness to the light of your presence and love.

We know that those who endure cruelty and abuse are precious in your sight, that no tear

falls without your knowledge and love, and we ask that they would know your presence,

strength, comfort and wisdom-even in their fear, confusion and pain.

We commit ourselves to RISE UP against domestic abuse in all its forms. We pray for your

compassion as we seek to RESPOND, for your wisdom as we seek to be better INFORMED,

for your gentleness as we try to SUPPORT, for your strength as we hope to EMPOWER, and

the mark of your Holy Spirit that UNITES us together to work and PRAY unceasingly, until

situations change, and freedom, life and love are restored to all. In your dear and powerful

name, we cry out to you. Amen

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