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Summer of Hope

Here in the UK, my personal opinion is that many of this population hope that this summer the economy continues to improve. Along with that, Many people will hope that their own financial position will improve.

The rate of inflation has fallen, but not the prices which remain high. Please do not confuse the two things. It is unlikely that with perhaps a few notable exceptions, prices will remain high. But what is a high price?

In some countries people who make or supply things that we moan about the price of, cannot afford to buy the things they export to us.

In places in Africa, Like the Democratic Republic of Congo, what we in the UK consider poor or in poverty, would be considered comfortably off. They would be able to feed a family and send children to school.

The Mothers' Union (MU) Summer of Hope Campaign aims to help at least some of these women. Many women in African countries are illiterate. An initiative of the MU is to improve literacy and numeracy amongst women. This in turn helps them understand some basic business and agricultural skills.

Where this has already been tried it has lead to improvements in living standards for many African women and their families. Some have started small businesses. In UK terms, maybe they'd be considered micro business. But this tiny business raise women's independence and reduce dependence. Their children are healthier and once they have a small business, after some time they are often able to expand their business. This in turn helps not only their own family but frequently their villages as they are able to offer work to other women, so supporting more poor families.

This 2024 Summer, the Mothers' Union wants to build on their work that is already helping transform the lives of women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa.

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