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Visit to Kumi, Eastern Uganda distributing Emergency Food Parcels

by Janet & Richard Bacon.

Janet Bacon, (a member of Downend MU), is a volunteer member of

staff for a small UK based Christian Charity, called Mission Direct.

Along with her husband Richard, they are the in-country staff for Mission

Direct in Uganda. Teams of volunteers come from the UK, for a two-

week mission trip, mainly working with schools, but also partnering with

other organisations including the Mothers’ Union.

They have just come back from Uganda, where one activity they

undertook, was deliver Emergency Food Parcels to some of the most

vulnerable elderly people identified by the Mothers’ Union.

The visit was both heart breaking but also heart-warming. All the

recipients were in great need of support, most were in their nineties and

were without any family support, as they had outlived their spouses,

children, and other relatives. As there are no state benefits/pensions in

Uganda, the elderly and those with disabilities have to rely on their

families and/or kindly neighbours.

Each person was given a basic food parcel, including some rice, cooking

oil and a bar of soap. All of these items, now cost so much, that for many

they are unaffordable. For me, the most heart wrenching was

Columbine, a woman in her late nineties. She was paralysed and unable

to get out of her small traditional home. It took four people to bring her

out to meet us (she was adamant she wanted to see us in the fresh air!)

If there had been no help forthcoming, she was going to try to drag

herself out. She had spent the whole of the previous night, praying we

would visit her! So, so humbling.

Without family support life is difficult. However, all are trusting in the Lord

and were so pleased to receive us even for the little we did. And there

were joyful highlights; Lena singing “Oh Happy Day, when Jesus took

my sins away.” Lois, who still walks miles to church each Sunday who

jumped from her mat dancing for joy singing Eyalama Edeke (Thank you

God). Examples of why we finished the day not only heartbroken but

with uplifting joy too.

The Mothers' Union in Uganda, as in the UK has a great and caring

mission in Uganda. We are so grateful to have been able to join with

them in their ministry.

Thank you for reading this. If you want to know more about Mission

Direct and their work in Kumi please contact Janet Bacon at or via the Kumi Face Book page

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