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Wave Of Prayer

Hello! Our wave of prayer is coming up 7th-9th September. This is the special time in the year that we are prayed for across the world, and we have the opportunity to pray for our sisters and brothers in our link Dioceses across the world too.

You may plan to hold or attend a Wave of Prayer service in your own community, many thanks go to our prayer team, led by Linda Rawlings and Rev Sarah Wyman for preparing this thoughtful act of prayer and worship.

Now if you are not able to attend an in-person service, we are holding a virtual service on Zoom and the link is below. It is right in the middle of our wave of prayer days: Friday 8th September at 11am and everyone is very welcome to join us.

You should have already received the service sheet from either Linda or Sarah who sent these out some while ago. If you would like a copy please contact either of them, or me, and we will be happy to forward one to you. However, it is fine just to tag along without the service sheet if you want to.

I do hope that we get a good collection of people, it will be lovely to see you. The power of this wave of prayer is great as it travels around the world. MSH midday prayers will also be mentioning us through these days.

With my love and prayers


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